Damon in 1864 jpg.

Aaron Silva

"You hurt my friends or family and i will show you a fury that will make you wish you were in hell"

Aaron Silva is a 17 year old boy from London, England. Aaron has the power of Ability Replication (the ability to copy someones ability by touch). 


Aaron grew up in North London, England with a poor family. Aaron lived a pretty normal and poor life until one day he came back home and saw that his house had burned down, Aaron was scared and didn't know what to do so he ran away. Aaron traveled the road for 2 years moving from town to town untill one day when he was walking along a black van parked up beside him and 5 men came out of it and grabed Aaron and threw him into the back of the van. Aaron is currently escaping from a top prison for people with powers.


Aarons power allows him to use another persons power by physical contact. Aarons current power that he has is flight that he got from his sister.

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